Each community will nominate, or rotate one HOODlum to represent THE HOOD in HOA meetings. They will go with the power of the crowd, voicing your community’s joint majority opinion.

The HOA Board’s purpose is to serve the community. But they don’t know what THE HOOD wants because no one ever goes to the meetings.

Be heard.

Most HOAs only hear from the squeaky wheel, or worse… the VERY vocal minority. THE HOOD uses the power of the crowd, so that the voice of one (THE HOODlum) can attend on behalf of the many.

Be confident.

Why would they listen to the one HOODlum? Because they will attend with a digitally signed document stating that they represent the many. It may take a little time (perhaps the next HOA election) but soon they’ll realize that if THE HOOD isn’t taken seriously, we can easily activate and make changes happen.

Be kind.

THE HOOD is not an antagonistic sub-culture against the HOA. We’re an efficient and effective means of communicating our collective desire. So many things can be resolved using simple common sense but way most HOAs operate sadly don’t lend themselves to this. We appreciate our HOA Board Members and simply want them to know how we feel as a coalition of home owners and neighbors.

It sounded like a good idea… but once we had our HOOD in place, I realized it was an AMAZING idea! Our community has grown stronger and we have so many “wins” it’s unbelievable! Thank you so much!

Jane Doe – Resident of The Bluffs, Porter Ranch

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