Leverage the power of the crowd, to empower the voices of your community.

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Lend your voice and your vote to THE HOOD and have your voice represented at the HOA meetings without ever needing to attend a meeting. You will be fully informed on all matters and always have the option to confidentially abstain from lending your vote on any matters.


An open-sharing system where you can borrow or lend any items you wish to list from members of THE HOOD. All transactions are automatically tracked and logged so you’ll always know what you’ve lent and what you’ve borrowed. Confidentially list your items and maintain full control of approving requests without disclosing your identity if you politely decline.


Times have changed and unlike the past, we rarely know our neighbors, even just a few houses down. Opt into our lightweight “social app” to put a face to a name to a home. Organize a small happy-hour for THE HOOD and grow your send of community through interactions, both in-person and online.

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THE HOOD is a start-up focused on empowering HOA community members. We leverage the power of the crowd to increase impact and sense of community.

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